What people have been saying about their yoga nidra experience…

I have been practicing yoga nidra in Cassandra’s meditation classes for over a year, and I highly recommend it for stress management.  It is extremely restorative, and expeditious at that!  I have practiced several other forms of meditation, but I find yoga nidra the MOST effective for dropping into a meditative state quickly, and emerging calm and refreshed, every time.  It is a sure-fire way to reset my mental state.  Cass is a skillful and experienced teacher, and her voice is uniquely soothing and effective for guided meditation.  Also this technique is particularly helpful to those with no meditation experience, as you can’t do it wrong, and you always emerge with some benefit!   I would recommend this practice for anyone, anytime, and have shared it with many of my friends. – Dan T

Yoga Nidra took me into an area of consciousness that allowed me to explore and process a variety of issues. From physical pain, to anxiety, to existential questions – Cassandra’s breadth of knowledge and inviting presence created a comfortable atmosphere which encouraged me to explore and understand deeper issues. Other times I just need to rest up. After a 30 minute session I wake up feeling energized and refreshed with a fresh outlook on the day ahead.  – Matt F

Yoga nidra, as conducted by Cass Carlopio, is a powerful, gentle, and effective tool that helps the you resolve and release deep seated mental and emotional blocks within the brain. The result leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, more resilient, and profoundly relaxed. I’ve personally experienced the positive results of her work in this area.

– MFTi & Neurofeedback Practitioner, Drug and Alcohol addiction specialist

I have been practicing yoga since my mother introduced me to it before the age of 10, and have devoted myself to the practice for the last 8 years. Yoga has been incredibly healing for me on all levels, mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually, and I’ve always considered it to be one of my most powerful methods for self growth, acceptance, and healing. The introduction of yoga nidra specifically however has added a depth and breadth to the profound healing effects of what I knew yoga could do. Such a seemingly simple practice leaves me with a feeling of clarity and enhanced sensory experience every time I come out from it. I could sleep for several days and still never awaken with the kind of restfulness and alertness that I receive from just 45 minutes of yoga nidra. I will never pass up the opportunity to partake in this practice as the effects are invigorating and instantaneous. I intend to utilize this technique with all my clients in both my yoga classes as well as psychotherapy as a means of amplifying the healing effects of both practices.

– Yoga Teacher & MFT Intern

Every time I attend one of Cass’s Yoga Nidra sessions, I leave with a deep sense of having released something mentally and emotionally heavy I’ve been carrying around for a long time. I wake up feeling completely refreshed, renewed, and profoundly relaxed.

– MFTi & Neurofeedback Practitioner, Drug and Alcohol addiction specialist