Meditation and Yoga Nidra iRest®

Private sessions.

  • Go deep using personalized guidance to address specific physical issues, address subconscious material, resolve trauma and heal from the inside out.

Group meditation/yoga nidra sessions.

  • to introduce meditation in your business, school, or treatment center, email, and I will come give you a free introduction.

Individual coaching sessions

Dynamic and personal coaching for sleep and meditation.

Packages available.

Guided meditation digital downloads

Ease Into Sleep: Guided Meditations for Sleep vol I is an album of guided meditations to support deep rest and sleep.  Using guided meditation, yoga nidra and neuroscience, this album uses background music and binaural beats to support you in accessing quality sleep.

Guided Meditations for Busy Minds has four brief meditations (2 & 5 minute) that invite the listener into the present.  Designed to be done sitting or laying down, on the meditation cushion or in the office, these easy-to-follow guided meditations can be used daily or on an as-needed basis, to support listeners to recenter, refocus and relax; anytime, anywhere.