Cassandra grew up on the east coast of Australia, where she completed her Undergraduate Degree in Social Sciences, with Honors, and Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. She moved to California in August 2014, to immerse herself in the field of holistic healing.

Cassandra comes from a diverse background of experience, from research (in the areas of weight-loss, smoking cessation and high risk alcohol consumption in young people), to clinical work as a Psychologist in Australia across a range of acute and community mental health services, specializing in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Chronic disease, and spent significant time working in private practice, specializing in trauma, body image, and relationship counseling.

Cassandra has been holding guided meditation classes weekly for the past three years and is passionate about teaching clients how to access innate ease and calm.  Through working with training attention and learning practical skills to unwind the nervous system, Cassandra shares a guided meditation practice that is effective and gentle, offering clients effective ways to unplug and recharge.

Currently, Cassandra has a private coaching practice, offers private and group meditation classes and workshops in corporate office environments and recovery centers throughout Los Angeles.


Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.  – Anne Lamott 

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